Positive and Negative Long Term impacts of Travel to Antarctica

People have been travelling to Antarctica for over 100 years now. Most parts have been discovered we have not just left foot prints in the snow, we have left litter as well. Some negative impacts are:

  • killing animals
  • soils being contaminated
  • extinction of animals for economic benefit
  • disturbing species
  • putting sewage in the sea
  • tracks and cairns in even the most remote parts

As us humans realise that there are still some unvisited sites that are at value to people in this world more recently attitudes have changed. What is now at global importance is the clean water, ice, and air of Antarctica for science understanding how the earth is changing by humans and naturally. As you probably think global warming is a bad thing, in this case it is a good thing because as the reefs are getting destroyed and the ice caps are slowly vanishing more and more tourist are coming to see natures beauty. People are coming from all over the world to see the wonders of the world.

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